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About Baby Chavs

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In April of 2020 we created Baby Chavs to be a farm that offers highly nutritious foods and self-reliance education. As a Hilltop Tacoma native, Juanita grew up seeing poverty first-hand and understands the importance of accessibility to fresh produce.  As a result, we currently sell microgreens and fertilized duck eggs. In the future we plan to offer heritage chicken and duck meat to help with the conservancy of these breeds, along with microgreen growing classes. 

A fun fact is that our name is a family inside joke. Juanita couldn't think of a name so she decided to use our family rap name (we're not rappers), "Baby Chavs". It's a nod to the children's years of early development and our entire family's love for music




Our Microgreens Grow Practices

Our microgreens are practically soil free! We use mostly coco coir, the discarded fibers of coconuts, as a growing medium and a touch of soil to help with fertilizing. Coconut fibers contain nutrients optimal for plant growth. Instead of tossing the coco coir your orders, we are now  repurposing this sustainable and biodegradable product into compost.

baby chavs (5 of 47).jpg
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